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To quote from WikipediaWikipedia logo:
"A DJ mix or DJ mixset is a sequence of musical tracks typically mixed together to appear as one continuous track."

Let me add to that – A good DJ mix surprises, moves, stimulates, enlivens, invigorates and electrifies.
Here are 16 ‘good DJ mixes’ handcrafted with precision, care, blood, sweat & tears by me – TK…. the DJ.

Go ahead – jump in, drink the kool-aid, there’s no waiting – navigate to the mixes by clicking on the title. You can listen online, download the mixes and even grab the individual tracks…all free, no strings. Dig...

Imagination Mix PictureImagination Mix
Mostly remixes, lot of old-school R&B *Higlights: Temptations opening hook, Country Grammer Mash *Time - 1:15:19 *25 Tracks *BPMs [start to finish] - 92 to 140.
gangster mash pictureGangster Mash Mix
Mish mash mix of mash ups, bootlegs & remixes *Highlights: Josh Tobin Intro, Epic mash ups *Time - 1:19:31 *28 Tracks *BPMs [start to finish] - 87 to 130.
Low Rider Mix PicLow Rider Mix
Again, mostly remixes as opposed to mash ups *Highlights: Ganja Crew Intro, Techno Doobie Bros *Time - 1:18:39 *28 Tracks *BPMs [start to finish] - 86 to 149.
Get Busy Mix PictureGet Busy Mix
Easy building tempo, fun to listen to..*Highlights: Sean Paul Intro, Jonathan Peters' Let The Sunshine In Mix *Time - 1:17:27 *25 Tracks *BPMs [start to finish] - 108 to 136.
Funky Sensation Mix Funky Sensation Mix
Nice tight production, loaded with Old-School R&B*Highlights: 5 decade representation *Time - 1:19:33 *25 Tracks *BPMs [start to finish] - 99 to 132.
I Want People Back Everyday Mix Pic I Want People Back Everyday Mix
Equal mix of mash & remixes, more Rock than R&B*Highlights: Arrested Dev/Jack 5 Intro hook, top notch mash ups *Time - 1:15:01 *24 Tracks *BPMs [start to finish] - 94 to 125.
Baby You're A Rich Mix Pic Baby You're A Rich Mix
A short set but by no means the least set, concise & bold *Highlights: Beatles techno start, Elvis' voodoo ending *Time - 1:12:34 *20 Tracks *BPMs [start to finish] - 103 to 133.
Work It Foxy Mix Pic Work It Foxy Mix
Compelling blend of masculine and feminine voices*Highlights: Hamster Dance ending *Time - 1:18:24 *29 Tracks *BPMs [start to finish] - 99 to 126.
Extreme Mix Pic Extreme Mix
Straight up R&B & Dance remixes, mostly 80s, no bootlegs *Highlights:Classic 80s tunes *Time - 1:19:41 *24 Tracks *BPMs [start to finish] -100 to 126.
Marvin Mix Pic Marvin Mix
A smooth groove through to the end, funk and dance *Highlights: Masters At Work remix of EWF's Can't Hide Love *Time - 1:17:07 *24 Tracks *BPMs [start to finish] - 92 to 137.
Trommeltantz Mix Pic Trommeltantz Mix
May be my best, flawless mixing, good steady groove *Highlights: Everything *Time - 1:18:50 *24 Tracks *BPMs [start to finish] - 120 to 142
Impossible Mix Pic Impossible Mix
One of my first, Late 70s feel, tight cuts all -4 to 16 measures *Highlights: Rock & Roll medley from SelectMix *Time - 1:19:40 *26 Tracks *BPMs [start to finish] - 94 to 132.
Black & White Heatwave Mix PicBlack & White Heat Wave Mix
Different, real esoteric ambience *Highlights: DJBC & Go Home Productions *Time - 1:19:19 *29 Tracks *BPMs [start to finish] - 89 to 129.
Callin' Out Mix Pic Callin' Out Mix
A diostinctly feminine voice, mostly late70s, early 80s dance *Highlights: Bananarama & DJTripp's Lie Rider mash *Time - 1:18:03 *26 Tracks *BPMs [start to finish] - 88 to 136.
Turn The Mash Up Mix Pic Turn The Mash Up Mix
Fun set, one of my first, very raw, all mash-ups save 1 - Ice Ice *Highlights: 3 DJ John epic mash ups *Time - 1:18:33 *22 Tracks *BPMs [start to finish] - 89 to 130.
Lookin' Out Mix Pic Lookin' Out Mix
Lot of classic House and a strange choice for an opening *Highlights: BTO intro, Up tempo start to finish *Time - 1:06:57 *25 Tracks *BPMs [start to finish] - 125 to 143.

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