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Remember the first steady beats of an old favorite song, the one that signaled the start of the weekend. The know-all-the-words track that you’d never admit to knowing.
The song you knew exactly where to drop the needle on after incessant listening.
Those songs are all here...and then some.

12,842 tunes from the past 108 years. All categorized by year, alpha and searchable by title or artist.
[Try it - Jump to a year via the slide-out menus.]

You can Download the tunes from Amazon, iTunes or take the MP3s FREE! from my Private Stash, where the hard-to-finds and the rarities live.

And that's not all...

Just about every Beatles song - 166 en toto - is here and ready. I will say no more - nudge, nudge - just get over there and help yourself - TK's Beatles Stash.

And there's still more.....I've got skills:

Do you love to dance? or just enjoy a head-bopable, foot-stompinal mix?

If yes, go directly to my mix & mash page and check my web-renowned
dj mixes.

All mixes are playable at the site or download-able as MP3s. You'll also find full versions of the individual tracks available for playing or snatching.

You can also find me & my mixes at and at
In fact, the good folks at asked me, as a youmixit favorite (that's me- Teakdude), to put together a quick 5-minute set and threw it up on youtube. Check it out right here - it'll do you some good.

Enjoy and have fun with all this site has to offer. Help yourself to the freebies and visit my affiliates so I can keep it up - the site...keep the site up...right...get to it, start clicking. grateful consideration and feedback is always welcome & appreciated.

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